A trip to get diesel

We decided to fill the diesel tank before winter to minimise condensation. It turned into a 2 day mini-cruise.


Final Location

Engine Hrs


Start time

End time


Kings Road Lock 48hr Moorings


Castleford Boatyard have no diesel so Stanley Ferry it is. So rapid preparation for departure and we’re off down Lemonroyd Lock. Coolish morning but sun is out and the river is smooth – beautiful run down to Castleford Junction. Hanging a right the rain clouds close in and the rain comes on and off all the way to Stanley Ferry. We are joined in the locks by Flossy Too from the marina, helping out but not too much since all the locks had to be emptied anyway. Filled with 106l of diesel and also picked up a Calder & Hebble Hand Spike at Stanley Ferry Marina. Looking back it is 76hrs since we last filled, giving an approximate consumption of 1.3l per hr (say 100l plus heater use). Dried up and sun came out again for the short return to the 48hr Moorings before Kings Road Lock. It is nice here looking out over the fields and far enough away from the M62 that you have to listen carefully to hear it in the background.




Lemonroyd Marina


Woke to a perfectly still canal with slight mist hanging over the fields opposite our mooring and the sun shining. Even when we locked down onto the Calder the surface was like a mirror and the sun had burnt off the mist. What a glorious cruise.